Valentine’s Day Joker Xue薛之謙 醜八怪Cabernet Sauvignon紅酒

I have a particular fondness of designing liquor bottles despite being extremely light-weight in terms of alcohol tolerance myself. With Valentine’s around the corner, I had thought of different ways I could use a design remix with music to celebrate it. It would be too obvious to use a sweet love song to match a day of love. I went with something that literally speaks ‘ugly’. The song itself, romanized Chou Ba Guai by Chinese singer Joker Xue, roughly translates to ‘Ugly Beast’. With a romantic bottle of red wine, this was a fun juxtaposition for me to work with. With this bottle, I tried to make it as chic and premium as I could without adding too much embellishment.

先跟大家說一聲, 我的中文不是特別好因為我是ABC, 請見諒! 這次為了慶祝情人節, 我用了音樂來做一個design remix. 拿普通情歌來跟情人節remix太好預測所以找了一首”醜”歌, 薛之謙的’醜八怪’ (我知道這首歌本身不醜, 是很好聽的)! 我覺得醜八怪和情人節的反差是一個好玩的概念. 情人節這邊我拿了浪漫的紅酒來remix. 設計這個瓶子過陳, 我盡量讓醜八怪紅酒看起來很高級和時尚.

0213 chou ba guai 01Aiming for a more masculine design, I made the body tall and slender with a sharp transition curving to the neck and seal without any gradation in between. The logo of the song was not designed by me and was the official logo in the music video. In the beginning I attempted to include elements from the actual music video. One of the prominent objects is a white drama mask. I had done numerous variations trying to include the mask but each one came out looking cheap. In the end, less is more and the original logo by itself was enough to hold up the front of the bottle. I just added a date (the year Joker Xue was born) and the type of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon in small type. The song itself is heavy in tone and therefore I chose a more full bodied wine to represent it. The back of the bottle contains two lines of lyrics from the song that stood out to me.
本來想用MV裡面的東西來跟瓶子融合, 比如在MV戴的面具. 做了很多不一樣的設計但面具就是讓瓶子看起來很低廉. 後來還是那句話 less is more, MV裡面的醜八怪logo 單獨最好看. 我下面就加了紅酒的種類和年日. 醜八怪的音色比較重所以我選了酒體飽滿的紅酒, cabernet sauvignon. 瓶子後面加了兩句歌詞, “醜八怪這是我們的時代. 我不存在才意外”.

0213 chou ba guai 02Because the surface itself is quite simple, I used material to add more flavor to the overall design. I made the graphics metallic to elevate the perceived quality and color accented the seal with a dark red.
這個酒瓶的graphics比較單純, 我就用材料來加感覺. 上面的字用了會反光的銀色, 再給酒瓶的seal紅色的主色調.


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