Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe Liqueur Design

Don’t Kill My Vibe is a series of liqueurs created from the song ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ by Norwegian singer, Sigrid. The music video itself is very visually appealing with all the bold colors and the simplicity of the concept. There are a total of four color scenes in the music video and I transformed each one into it’s own liqueur bottle.

0307 sigrid fam

0305 rasberry-04
For the red color scheme, I built red on red with raspberry liqueur. I used the dark tint of the liquid to create a gradient on the label.

lemon 01-01
In the scene where the background is yellow, I borrowed colors and gradients from the other materials and background and instead of going extreme with the yellow, used the lemon liqueur itself as an accent, pairing it with a light blue for more elegance. The first versions were full on yellow but it was too overpowering and missed the feeling the music gave.

cura 02-03
Blue curacao was a good fit for the neon-like scene in the music video. It made a nice vibrant blue highlight to the bottle with some subtle gradients.

mint rgb-02
Similarly to the lemon liqueur, the creme de menthe (mint) was originally all green at first. However it felt very juvenile and less sophisticated, not suited for the song or the music video so I opted for a black gradient with gold hints (as reference to the gold linings of Sigrid’s clothes) and used the liqueur for the green splash.

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