G.E.M 鄧紫棋 – Therefore 於是 Merlot Design

Wine bottle design using Hong Kong singer, G.E.M Tang’s song, Therefore. The music video is rather gothic with a victorian feel to it. Along with the darker tones and femininity of the music, I believed Merlot was a good fit.

For the form of the bottle I was looking to create something sharp and feminine. The body is tall and transitions at defined angles to the slender neck.

0312 therefore 01

Keeping the graphics on the bottom of the bottle allowed a nice transition of materials, glossy glass to a textured label. I grabbed graphic elements from the music video such as the pattern on the mask of the dancer which was very abstract gold hibiscus flowers. I originally wanted to incorporate some red into the bottle as a reference to G.E.M’s outfit but decided it would be best to keep the gold with different black textures and have the red wine be the red element.

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